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Setting up a website, email and other related technologies for your business is getting easier all the time. Companies like Microsoft and Google are providing tools that make the process more painless than it’s ever been.

But, you might have questions, things might get more technical than you’re comfortable with. Most likely you simply don’t have time to figure out issues that arise.

You probably don’t have a lawyer or an accountant on staff, you call them when you need them. I can do the same for your web technology concerns.

Digital Productivity Consultation

Tool recommendations and process improvement.

Data Security And Backup Consultation

Get the right mechanisms in place now, not when disaster strikes.

Wordpress / WooCommerce Websites

Get your business online using a rock-solid, extensible platform.

Technical Research And Guidance

Want to know all about that latest platform or app? Whether it’s an informal chat or a white paper I can help.

Technical Problem Solving

Website down? Email getting lost? I can also do rush pricing if you need it solved fast.

General Web Support

Need a few lines of code tweaked? Or have on-going needs? Whether it’s front-end, back-end or hosting-related I’ve got you covered.


“Awesome work! Fast, reliable, accommodating, responsive… so many good things. Extremely satisfied :)”

Theresa James, RVDesigns (rv-designs.com)

My Background

I have a degree in Computer Science and almost two decades of experience in the information technology industry.

Throughout my career I have worked as a desktop software developer, web developer, systems analyst and consultant.

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